How to Repair a Cracked Door Closer

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    The frequent use of your door will lead to the inevitable wear and tear of the door closer later on.

    This is perfectly normal over time and is nothing for you to fear.

    Fixing a cracked door closer, on the other hand, can be quite complicated.

    We at Barnett Repairs understand how important door closers are which is why we’ve written a guide to help you fix them.

    We’ve had a lot of clients who’ve tried to fix their cracked door closer and things didn’t turn out so well.

    Although we are a door and home window repair company, we want to make sure that our clients don’t hurt themselves when performing repairs.

    If the repair is done wrong, this could lead to a necessary replacement.

    We’ve done a lot of door and window replacement before and surprisingly, a number of them were from failed DIYs.

    Before learning how to repair a cracked door closer, you should know the tools you’ll be needing.

    Before even starting, make sure you have the necessary tools.

    These include a good wrench, a welding machine, and a hammer.

    Of course, you’ll also need screwdrivers and a good ladder.

    There are different elements of a door closer that might be broken.

    For a cracked door closer, you’ll first want to assess where the problem is.

    Here’s how to repair a broken door closer arm.

    If the arm is the problem, climb up the ladder and examine the damage.

    Carefully search for where the crack is.

    If the arm is the problem, the door won’t be able to close the way it is supposed to close.

    Make sure to check if rust is the problem.

    Locate a crack if you can find one.

    This particular crack would need you to hammer the arm’s shaft connector to flatten it.

    Make sure to get a welding machine and easily weld metal to the crack.

    You’ll then need to add a welding bead around the hole.

    Make sure to mold the metal bead directly around the square hole snugly.

    Remove any uneven surfaces by filling the edges with a metal file.

    Attach the arm to the latch and simply close it with a wrench.

    If there is no crack on the arm, the crack could be on the internal springs.

    Internal springs are what control the speed of how the door closer moves.

    This part usually accumulates rust over a period of time and gets weak.

    Eventually, internal springs tend to break.

    You would first need to open up the outer cover.

    Snap off the cover fasteners to see the spring tube.

    Turn the tube’s tension knob.

    The knob can also be replaced as long as you find a close match.

    Make sure to put the replacement knob carefully.

    How to fix your spindle.

    If the arm can’t leverage the speed anymore, most likely the spindle is broken.

    Before trying to fix the spindle, make sure you determine the exact spindle model before buying a replacement.

    Remove the closer arm that connects the door and the frame.

    Open the outer cover in order to check inside.

    Use a wrench to remove the spindle.

    Insert the replacement spindle carefully and reattach it firmly with a wrench.

    The closure arm must then be reattached tightly.

    Try the door out.

    Call us if you’re having a problem repairing your cracked door closer.

    If you’ve researched how to repair a cracked door closer and it seems too complicated, give us a call.

    We at Barnett Repairs have dealt with this problem so many times before.

    Most of the more complicated problems we get are window repairs and home window replacements.

    A cracked door closer is not a problem for us.

    We understand the complexity and just the hassle of fixing your doors yourself.

    We also understand that the reason why most of our clients try to fix their doors themselves is because they want to save money.

    We make sure not to over charge with every repair and only offer fair prices.

    Give us a call and we’ll come over to fix your door closer.

    You won’t have to learn how to repair a cracked door closer since we can do the fix for you.

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