Choosing the Right Front Door

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    Your front door says a lot about you.

    Have you ever passed by a house and tried to check their front door?

    You usually get an idea of what the homeowners are like.

    Sometimes, with more guarded front doors, you can also tell that the owners are guarded as well.

    With more open front doors, you can tell that the homeowner might be quite welcoming.

    If you’ve had a hard time at choosing the right front door, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

    We at Barnett Repair specialize in door and window replacement as well as door and home window repair.

    We also do commercial window repair in Riverside and install both doors and windows as well.

    Don’t worry, we know how to help you out.

    Pick out the perfect personality of your door.

    As we’ve explained a while ago, a door usually gives people outside a glimpse of the homeowners’ personality.

    The first question you might want to ask yourself is how do you want others to see you?

    Be completely honest about this.

    Make sure you come up with an answer that will stand the test of time and isn’t just applicable for the moment.

    The problem with some homeowner decisions is they feel like they want one door now and another door later on.

    Although this is okay after a couple of years, it isn’t something you want to feel every month.

    Most of the time, front doors usually stay for a really long time.

    The personality can also be narrowed down to what your house is like.

    If your house has a modern vibe, you could choose to pick a melancholic but still welcoming door.

    If your house has a classic vibe, you could choose maybe a classic door with a very friendly touch.

    Choosing the right front door becomes easier once you’re able to define your desired door personality.

    Now it’s time to slowly build your door.

    The next step is to slowly put the door together.


    By choosing certain elements that need to be put together to make your ideal door come to life.

    Start by choosing the color of your door.

    Do you want your door to be wooden?

    Do you want your door’s color to be black or white?

    If you’re choosing wooden, would you like a white and welcoming shade or a darker firm and mysterious shade?

    You can also choose what type of material you might want your door to be.

    There are different types of wood with different feels.

    Some types of wood give a more inviting feeling than others.

    Aside from the type of materials, you should also pick out the door style.

    Will you be having glass on your doors?

    Will the people on the outside be able to look inside?

    Will they only see a silhouette?

    It also helps to draw your ideal door and put labels.

    This way, when you go shopping or when you explain to a door installation company, you’ll know what you’re looking for.

    Make sure to get a few options that are similar to what you want to achieve.

    In the end, you should still compare your options based on quality.

    If the first door looks really close to what you want but might not be that strong or reliable, you might have to go for maybe your second or third option.

    If your second or third option looks similar to what you want but is more reliable and attests to quality, you might want to go for those options.

    Use the ideal image of your door as a guideline but make your final decision based on the door’s quality.

    We at Barnett Repairs do more than just door and window replacement and more than just door and home window repair.

    What we really like to focus on is making our clients’ dream door come to life.

    You might have an ideal door that you really want to have.

    Tell us about your dream door and we’ll work with you to see it come to life.

    When it comes to choosing the right front door, include us in your conversation.

    We’ll not only make the search easier, we’ll make sure the door is installed perfectly.

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