Casement vs Double-Hung Windows for Your Riverside Home

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    Having trouble picking out the perfect window replacement?

    Well, if you’ve boiled it down to either casement or double-hung windows, the decision gets easier.

    Casement vs double-hung windows for your Riverside home are two very viable options.

    We at Barnett Repairs have dealt with both and from our experience, picking between casement vs. double-hung windows really depends on the homeowner’s preference.

    Casement windows can swing horizontally just like something everyone knows how to use, a door, and are usually hinged on one side.

    The use of a crank on the house interior helps turn a gearbox which pushes the window open and shut.

    Usually, an interior latch has to be engaged in order to really seal the window shut.

    The casement window usually opens outwards to save space inside the house.

    Double-hung windows, on the other hand, slide both up and down vertically.

    These types of windows usually have both an upper sash and a lower sash.

    The good thing about the different sashes is that they are both operable.

    This provides you with different options on how to open the window.

    The double function makes for a more flexible window replacement option.

    Casement vs. double-hung window cost difference.

    Casement windows can cost more than double-hung windows.

    By how much?

    Well, twice as much.

    This is due to the complicated mechanical operations that a casement window has compared to a double-hung window.

    Of course, despite the sturdiness, both might still need a home window repair when not taken care of properly.

    Casement vs. double-hung window style difference.

    The casement window replacement gives a more contemporary feel with clean lines that are geometrically pleasing.

    The casement window is a good choice for modern homes.

    Double-hung windows, on the other hand, give a more classic feel.

    They work much better with cottage-style vintage houses that give an older classical look.

    Casement vs. double-hung window energy saving difference.

    The more practical difference when it comes to casement vs double-hung windows for your Riverside home can be found in how much energy it saves over time.

    The good thing about casement windows is that they limit air intrusion.

    This means that outside factors have very little effect on the temperature inside the home.

    Double-hung windows fit good on side tracks where the only air seepage will be located at the top.

    We at Barnett Repairs, however, make sure to use good seals to help limit this.

    In general, both of these windows actually tie really well when it comes to saving energy.

    Benefits of casement windows vs. double-hung windows.

    The good thing about casement windows is that although they might sound difficult, they are actually very easy to open and close.

    Turning a crank is much easier in comparison to pushing a sash all the way up and all the way down.

    This makes casement windows a better choice for people with disability or limited mobility.

    It also allows the outside breeze to enter the home without ease when opened.

    Double-hung windows are very safe for children or pets.

    If security is your top concern, you might want to pick double-hung windows.

    The good thing about double-hung windows is that due to their simplicity in comparison to the casement window, they cost less.

    Disadvantages of casement windows vs. double-hung windows

    If you’re planning to install an air conditioner, it won’t fit well with the casement window.

    Wind can also catch a casement sash and simply rip it off.

    We at Barnett Repairs have seen different cases wherein casement windows were poorly installed resulting in them colliding with one another.

    Due to casement windows opening upwards, they could be more difficult to clean.

    Double-hung windows, on the other hand, are even more difficult to clean on the outside.

    The problem, although it is safe, is it isn’t really that easy to move for everyone.

    If you aren’t that tall in structure, this makes opening and closing the window difficult as well.

    How to pick between a casement window and a double-hung window replacement.

    We at Barnett Repairs ask our clients these questions.

    Do you have pets or children?

    Would you rather something more convenient or safe for pets or children if you have them?

    If security is the top concern and the children can’t be trusted, choose the double-hung windows.

    If you want something to make life easier, choose the casement windows.

    Give us a call for your next window replacement.

    We don’t just do a good job, we make sure you get more than what you expected.

    (he result is due to the title casement vs. double-hung windows)

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