What are the Benefits of Casement Windows?

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    Sometimes unexpected damages can turn into good things.

    Before calling a home window repair service to fix your window, you might want to think, this could be the perfect opportunity for a window replacement.

    Replacing a fully functional window doesn’t make sense.

    However, when a window is broken, it might be time to replace it.

    If you’re in the market for a new window, try checking out casement windows.

    Casement windows might not be a term you’re familiar with but most likely you’ve seen these artistic windows before.

    Casement windows also come with a number of significant benefits.

    We at Barnett Repairs suggest that you make the more economical decision and get a window replacement when your windows are broken.

    Of course, for those that want to upgrade their windows right away, we encourage them to do so properly.

    Replacing the window by yourself could result in subpar quality.

    Call us when you need window work done should it be home window repair or actual window replacement.

    Here are the best 7 benefits of getting a casement window.

    “What are the benefits of casement windows?” you might ask.

    The answer is that there are seven of them!

    The first benefit is its functionality.

    Casement windows offer really good ventilation capabilities.

    If you want a window replacement that provides more ventilation, this could be it.

    Some people like to open their windows to their full capacity.

    This can be done easily with a casement window.

    Casement windows are a great way to get the summer breeze in the house.

    They are also a good source of light and make the room feel more homey.

    The second benefit is its simplicity.

    Trust us, Barnett Repairs have dealt with hundreds of different types of windows and sometimes the more complex comes at a disadvantage.

    The more complicated windows can be quite annoying to homeowners.

    While they provide a sense of uniqueness, they also end up making things harder.

    Casement windows are also very clean and less cluttered to look at.

    If you already have a lot of things in your place, you might want to get casement windows to help get rid of the unnecessary details.

    The third benefit is its security.

    When asked what are the benefits of casement windows, the most important one of them is security.

    Aside from how they look or how they function, windows should also remain secure.

    A casement window’s hardwood is concealed within its frame making it almost impossible to tamper.

    At Barnett Repairs, we also make sure to use the best locks to provide that extra layer of security.

    The fourth benefit is that it is very energy efficient.

    Sometimes windows don’t bring in enough light.

    This means you’ll have to leave the light on and thus have to spend more on your electricity.

    Natural sunlight helps minimize the electricity bill.

    Casement windows were built to allow a generous amount of sunlight into your home.

    The fifth benefit is that you get to pick the glass design.

    You can pick out certain glass designs that you think might work the best.

    While some people like the common glass design, others actually like their glass with a little more art in them.

    A casement window gives generous space to the glass for users to easily customize the glass.

    The sixth benefit is that it has very low maintenance.

    Homeowners can literally save quite the amount of home window repair services since it rarely breaks.

    Of course, there is a limit to every window.

    Casement windows, however, have really stretched to limits.

    The seventh benefit is its customizability.

    Homeowners can choose out their favorite colors, glass, and even hinge options.

    The good thing about casement windows is that if there is a specific motif your house follows, the window will fit right in.

    Get a window replacement instead of a home window repair.

    Instead of repairing your next window, Barnett Repairs suggests that you get a window replacement to upgrade your home.

    If your window just so happens to be pretty damaged, it might be time to get a complete window replacement.

    Give us a call.

    That dream casement window you might be imagining is just a ring away.

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