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    Modern screen doors are growing in popularity for a good reason.

    You’ve probably seen a screen door being used more often.

    This is because screen doors not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also serve a very practical and safe purpose.

    Basically, the screen door allows you to see what is on the outside without having to completely open your door.

    Screen doors were created initially for security purposes and over the years, have become trends that more and more homeowners are following.

    Due to the screen door drawing the line between your home and the outside world, it should be taken care of.

    The problem with some homeowners is that they neglect their screen door over time.

    When the damage gets too bad, they would then need a screen door replacement.

    If you’ve been experiencing problems with your screen door, take a good second look to check if you might need to get it replaced.

    Inspect your screen door properly.

    When inspecting your screen door, always start from the outside and work your way in.

    The first thing you should check is the door frame.

    If you are using wood, make sure that the wood is in good condition.

    We at Barnett Repairs do not encourage using wood without varnish or any protective covering.

    Although nobody wants termites, leaving bare wood out in the open could actually attract them and lead to damaging the screen door hinges.

    Once your screen door hinges are damaged, calling a door and home window repair service might not be enough.

    If you can spot severe damages on the door frame, you will need to call a door and window replacement service.

    Repairs can only deal with small problems but if the problem is big enough or you just don’t want to risk it, call for a door and windows replacement service.

    The second part of the door you should check is the hinges.

    The thing about screen doors is that they usually run on springs which gives extra pressure to the hinges.

    If your hinges aren’t properly installed, they will become loose over time due to the pressure.

    Open your screen door and check the hinges.

    If your hinges seem loose or worse, if there is a screw missing, call for a screen door and window replacement right away.

    A screen door replacement isn’t that common but is necessary if your door gets severely damaged.

    How to check if your screen door needs replacement.

    One of the most obvious signs that you might need to get a screen door replacement is if the screen door is crooked.

    A crooked screen door could be caused by improper handling of the screen door through a long period of time.

    To truly know if your screen door is crooked, try pushing just the bottom part of the screen door.

    If the top part of the screen door is extremely left behind, this could mean the screen door itself needs to be replaced.

    We at Barnett Repairs suggest that you have your doors replaced before they literally break in front of you.

    Crooked doors could be a sign that your screen door is giving in to the pressure added by its springs.

    While metal screen doors are safer, they are not always that attractive and we understand this.

    Screen doors, if taken care of properly, not only look good but also keep your house safe.

    The last thing you should do is to look at the hinges, if they are already giving up and barely attached to either the door or the frame, make sure to call us.

    A door and home window repair can only do so much.

    Sometimes what you might need is to have the whole screen door replaced.

    We at Barnett Repairs advise our clients not to wait until your screen door literally falls off.

    We want our clients to not only feel secure but also have a screen door that functions perfectly.

    Having a broken down screen door is not only annoying but it also takes away the aesthetic of the door itself.

    We want to help our clients take care of their property starting with offering the best screen door replacement to fit your home.

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