Preparing Your Home for Window Installation

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    Either you’ve bought your new home or you’ve been struggling for years and years with the same window, we understand the excitement you must have!

    A window replacement is very exciting since it brings your house one step closer to completion.

    For those that might have just tolerated faulty windows and decided that instead of getting a home window repair, it might be time to get a window replacement, this is an exciting event as well.

    Not everyday does the house get upgraded.

    For this reason alone, we want to make sure that our clients are ready for the new window replacement.

    The problem with some clients is that due to too much excitement, they might end up doing something that could cost them.

    One example of this is clients that want to get a window replacement so bad they install the window themselves without any prior experience.

    We at Barnett Repairs highly discourage this.

    Although there might be some with hidden talent, a DIY gone wrong could potentially damage your property more than help restore it.

    Preparing your home for window installation is very exciting.

    We just want to make sure you are preparing the right way.

    The first step of preparing for a window replacement.

    The very first step to take when preparing for a window replacement is to assess the state of the current window.

    For homeowners without windows, this step can easily be fixed.

    For homeowners that want to get a window replacement, make sure to check the status of the current window first.

    Once the current window has been checked make sure you are ready to make the commitment.

    Assessing the state of the current window also includes picturing out a comparison to what you want to achieve compared to what you have.

    Some clients like to go around and dream and although we encourage this, we want to make sure that they are realistic.

    We at Barnett Repairs, however, understand you might not want to compromise on your dream window.

    This is why no matter how difficult it might be, we will find a way to make that dream window come to life.

    The next step is to know your budget.

    Although it is good to dream, it is also very important to be realistic.

    You don’t want to spend quite a lump sum on a window.

    Although a window is very important, if the window you picture out will painfully affect your finances, maybe you should look for an alternative.

    This is where we specialize in.

    We don’t want our clients to spend over their budgets.

    Instead, we like to meet our clients half way.

    Our clients tell us what they would like to accomplish and we ask them what is their budget.

    We conduct business in a very positive but also realistic realm.

    We make sure to provide our clients with a proper estimation.

    If our clients are okay with the estimations, this is when we move forward.

    If our clients might struggle with the estimation, we completely understand.

    Talk to us about your window installation dreams and we will help you in preparing your home for window installation budget.

    Make sure to compare alternatives and that you are absolutely sure about the window replacement.

    We discourage clients from changing their minds half way.

    Although we will still be able to remedy this, it will cost you more.

    Make sure you’ve made up your mind regarding the window installation you might want.

    Also, trust the process.

    A window replacement that is rushed usually results in frequent home window repair needs later on.

    We want to make sure that when our windows are installed, all our clients need to do is to enjoy them.

    Barnett Repairs was built on a principle that everyone deserves a perfect home.

    This is why we give generous estimations to help our clients reach what they want without sacrificing what they might need.

    Our honest technicians have been installing windows for years now and have developed techniques that allow us to save on time and effort.

    We like to work efficiently to help our clients get the best out of their budget.

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