How to Save Money on Window Replacement

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    Do you have drafty windows that need replacing? Is the cost of window replacement causing you to procrastinate? This comprehensive guide will break down the costs, pros, and cons of DIY versus professional window replacement and explain how you can save money on this necessary home upgrade.

    DIY Vs Professional Window Replacement: A Detailed Comparison

    Here’s a detailed table to help you decide whether to DIY or hire a professional for window replacement.

    DIY Professional
    Average Cost Low to medium Medium to high
    Time Investment High Low
    Skill Level Required High None (handled by professionals)
    Potential Mistakes High (may lead to more costs long-term) Low
    Warranty None Usually provided by the company

    Firstly, the cost of DIY replacement might seem attractive. However, the time and skill level required are significantly higher than hiring professionals. There’s also a greater risk of mistakes, which could lead to higher costs in the long run. On the flip side, professional window replacement might be pricier, but they typically provide a warranty, which offers peace of mind and long-term savings.

    How to Save Money on Window Replacement

    Here are some strategies to help you save money on window replacement:

    1. Buy Standard Sized Windows: Custom sizes can drive up the costs. Stick to standard sizes whenever possible.
    2. Opt for Energy-Efficient Windows: Energy-efficient windows might cost more upfront, but they pay for themselves through lower energy bills. Learn more about how energy-efficient windows work.
    3. Maintain Your Windows Regularly: Regular maintenance can extend the life of your windows. For instance, learning how to clean double-hung windows can help you keep them in good shape for a longer time.
    4. Choose Affordable Materials: While wood may be aesthetically pleasing, vinyl or composite windows are typically more affordable and require less maintenance. Understand the pros and cons of different materials like in this comparison of vinyl vs composite windows.

    Why Choose Our Company for Window Replacement?

    When you decide to replace your windows, choose a company with a solid reputation for quality service and products. Our experienced team at Barnett Repairs provides top-notch service, ensuring your windows are installed correctly the first time, saving you future costs and headaches. We offer a range of options to suit your budget and style preferences. Here’s why you should choose us:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When is the best time of year to replace my windows?

    Though window replacement can be done any time of the year, the best time of the year is usually spring or early autumn when weather conditions are optimal.

    2. What are some signs that it’s time to replace my windows?

    If your windows are drafty, hard to open, or have visible damage, it’s likely time to replace your windows.

    3. What type of windows are most energy-efficient?

    Double-paned windows filled with argon or krypton gas are typically the most energy-efficient. Explore more about the top energy-efficient windows.

    4. How can I prepare my home for window installation?

    Clear the work area around the windows, take down window treatments, and disable security systems if any. Here’s a detailed guide on preparing your home for window installation.


    Replacing your windows doesn’t have to break the bank. With careful planning, smart choices, and the right window replacement company, you can enhance your home’s look and energy efficiency without draining your wallet. Remember to stick to standard sizes, opt for energy-efficient windows, maintain your windows regularly, and choose affordable materials.

    As a professional window replacement company, we at Barnett Repairs offer expert advice, a wide range of quality windows, and the assurance of great service. If you’re planning to replace your windows and looking to save money in the process, contact us today.

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