How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Door

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    Different types of doors usually demand different prices.

    Before anything else, there is something you should ask yourself.

    Are you getting a door replacement to upgrade just because it is broken?

    If your answer is you want an upgrade, you might have to prepare yourself to spend more.

    If your answer is that you just want to replace your broken door, you might be looking at ways for you to save on your next repair.

    It is important to know the reason behind why you want to replace a door in order to know what price point you might be comfortable spending.

    We at Barnett Repairs have had clients that want both.

    Some clients, when their doors are broken, decide that they’ve been meaning to get a better door anyway.

    We do more than just home window repair or commercial window repair.

    We also do door repairs and door replacements as well.

    We’ve worked with houses, offices, and other commercial buildings as well.

    We price our services fairly as to be able to accommodate everyone.

    It’s important to know that the prices of the doors depend on where they are used.

    Doors serving different purposes usually demand different prices as well.

    If you’re wondering how much does it cost to replace a door, this depends on the type of door that needs replacement.

    Here are the prices for closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms door replacement.

    To be clear, these are actually the most affordable door replacements on this list.

    On average, these types of replacements could cost $150 up to $700.

    This, of course, depends on what needs to be replaced.

    There are actually a few different types of replacement which we’ll get into later.

    Closet, bedroom, and bathroom doors tend to be the first to break and this is totally normal.

    Since they are usually the most used, they tend to tear over time.

    Here are the prices for the standard exterior door replacement.

    These doors rarely break since they might not always be used.

    Of course, this still depends on your lifestyle and who you have around.

    If you have kids that love to go outside through the standard exterior door, the door might tear quicker.

    The average cost of installment for a standard exterior door is from $500 up to $2,000.

    This, of course, also depends on what type of door you will be replacing your standard exterior door with.

    Here are the prices for the front door replacement.

    The front door is usually the most expensive.

    Not only is the front door expensive for aesthetic purposes, it is also for security purposes.

    Any door installation company would advise you to get a strong front door.

    The front door prices could start at $700 up to $4,000.

    This, of course, depends on what type of door you might want.

    There are other front doors out there that could be way more expensive.

    There are two other door prices on this list but we understand that not everyone might want to get these.

    Although they could cost a little more, they do give off a better look.

    Here are the prices for the exterior double doors and the entry door with sidelights.

    The exterior double doors could cost you from $1,100 up to $5,500.

    This, however, would really add more security and also a little more class to your property.

    The entry door with sidelights, however, would cost from $1,600 up to $4,600.

    It is a bit evident as to where the price goes.

    The aesthetics alone provide a luxurious feel around the door itself.

    Don’t overspend on your door replacement.

    If you’re looking to find more than just how much does it cost to replace a door and want to know how you can save, don’t worry.

    We at Barnett Repairs provide our clients with good deals on home window repair and commercial window repair and we do the same for door replacements.

    We understand that everyone wants to get the most out of their money and achieve the best possible result.

    Give us a call and we’ll take care of your door for you.

    We only charge fair prices for the best door work ever.

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