How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

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    Before purchasing energy efficient windows, it is important to understand how they work.

    If you’ve been needing home window repair frequently, it might be time to get a window replacement.

    One of the best technologies out there today are windows that help save energy.

    These types of windows, however, might cost you.

    We at Barnett Repairs understand how the world is shifting towards energy efficiency.

    It is actually a good time to take advantage of energy efficient windows.

    While these types of windows used to be very expensive in the past, they have actually become more affordable through time.

    Energy efficient windows are good for lowering overall costs.

    Due to their effectiveness, the need for heating decreases.

    While you might have heard of this type of technology before and maybe you’re a bit skeptical.

    If you’re still wondering “how do energy efficient windows work?”, here’s the answer.

    Glass coating helps keep your windows efficient.

    If you’ve ever heard of low emission glass, it is a type of glass technology used to help lower energy costs.

    Low-emission or Low-E glass is used to block sunlight without making your window darker and affect the window’s visibility.

    In fact, Low-E glass is said to help block rays by a consistent 90%

    This also helps keep the inside inside when it gets too cold outside and vice versa.

    There are also other glazing options.

    Other options would include tints, reflective coatings, and gas fills.

    We at Barnett Repairs, however, recommend Low-E since it still keeps the quality of your windows consistent.

    Spacer systems can be used to improve energy efficiency.

    In order to keep your window really thermally-efficient and condensation free, you’ll have to use a special type of spacer system.

    100% structural foam is a good pick instead of metal as the main window insulation.

    There are certain spacer technologies that help lower the U value.

    This means it helps lower the rate of heat loss by a significant .01.

    When looking for an effective spacer system, try to find one with lower U value.

    Lower U value would mean greater window efficiency.

    Other types of window technology.

    One of the more modern window technologies of today is the use of multiple glass panes as well as gas.

    The more energy efficient windows of today are usually the double paned or the triple paned glass which helps increase the general UV ray blocking.

    The most efficient technology of today is the triple paned glass window.

    These types of windows are rated up to 97% effective against blocking UV rays.

    This will help keep you comfortable throughout the year.

    A newer technique is to fill Krypton in the spaces in between the insulated glass.

    This would help decrease total heat penetration.

    Make sure your windows are equipped with the right energy efficient technology.

    In order to have a significant energy efficient window, it is important to use the right materials.

    Not only do you have to use the right glass, you also have to use the right spacers and coatings as well.

    There are estimates that say that a whole third of your total electricity bill on heating goes directly out your window.

    Newer technologies, however, help you save on energy costs.

    Before you invest in this type of technology, it is important to understand how do energy efficient windows work.

    Give us a call if there are things you want to find out.

    We’ve had significant experience working on energy efficient windows.

    If ever there are things you’d like to know about the technology but still don’t understand, give us a call!

    We at Barnett Repairs are very happy to help.

    Home window repair and window replacement are two of our specialities.

    When it comes to window replacement, we make sure to give our clients what they want.

    There has definitely been an increase in demand for energy efficient windows.

    With buyers becoming more and more educated, more people are realizing that it’s possible to save a lot on electricity with the right windows installed.

    To save money in the long run, it is important to invest in the right windows.

    For quotations and inquiries, give us a call and we’ll happily answer whatever questions you might have.

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