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    What’s the first thing you notice when you see a commercial property?

    While others would argue the door, others the sign, the truth is, you first notice the structure’s windows.

    The best part about this fact is that you might not know that you are paying attention to the window.

    Whenever you check out a commercial property, most people can’t help but take a look inside.

    This means looking through the window.

    Have you ever seen a commercial building with dirty windows?

    The key to a good commercial building is having really good windows that emphasizes what is inside.

    Having dirty windows takes away the shine and transparency and instead of noticing the beauty inside, passersby will only notice the dirty windows.

    Dirt isn’t the only problem that commercial windows face.

    Sometimes, commercial windows need to be repaired as well.

    Make sure to inspect your windows every once in a while to keep your customers happy and merchandise safe.

    Check your window frames for any holes.

    If there are holes or gaps in your window frame, this makes the commercial window more vulnerable.

    The point of a commercial window is to keep the insides visible and attractive while protecting the inside from potentially harmful elements outside like weather.

    One way of thoroughly checking if there are any holes or leaks in your window is by using some sort of hose.

    If you hose one side and the water tends to seep into the other side, this is where you should really call a commercial window repair in Riverside.

    We at Barnett Repairs have been handling commercial windows for quite some time now.

    Leaks are actually a common problem and we can fix them without having to apply something noticeably unpleasant.

    The problem with most sealants is that they are extremely noticeable.

    We make sure to retain cleanliness whenever doing a commercial window repair.

    Not only do we fix the leak, we make sure that the fix is also unrecognizable.

    The problem with some home window repair services is that their fixes are easily noticeable.

    We make sure the final fix can’t be spotted by your customers.

    Damaged frames can also be a problem.

    Window frames, although not very noticeable, play a very big role.

    Commercial window repair actually does more to the frame than the glass itself.

    Damaged frames can cause a lot of problems if they aren’t tended to.

    One thing we make sure our clients do is to take care of their window frame.

    It is important not to hit the window frame or apply any type of pressure that could potentially damage it.

    Since the window frame is holding the glass, if it gives up, the glass will fall and break.

    For those that are still constructing their commercial buildings, it is very important to pay attention to the window frame.

    If the window frame is strong and of high quality, it can last a very long time.

    If you use cheap materials on the frame, however, it could break with the slightest force applied.

    Commercial window repair in Riverside for extremely broken windows can cost quite a lot.

    If you find yourself in this type of situation, however, give us a call.

    We at Barnett Repairs provide fair estimates to our clients.

    Nobody likes overcharging and we make sure to provide the best window replacement or window repair at fair prices.

    While a normal home window repair might do for small windows, commercial windows require significantly more skill.

    Get your windows inspected from time to time.

    In order to save money, when having your building inspected, include your windows as well.

    Some people tend to skip this part and end up with faulty windows that become fragile over time.

    Barnett Repairs can do the inspection for you.

    We make sure any potential problem is fixed before you or your commercial property ever experience them.

    At Barnett Repairs, we make sure your commercial property is in good condition.

    One thing that we’re also proud of is that we work fast.

    Nobody likes long repairs.

    Whenever there’s a commercial window repair in Riverside that needs fixing, we make sure to handle the problem right away.

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