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    Your business has to be perfect at every point of the day.

    We’ve probably seen this happen at least once in our lives.

    We’re talking about when customers want to go inside a business but decide not to because of a broken door.

    Broken doors can be quite off putting for your business.

    It is important to keep your commercial structure top notch at all times.

    There are a few common issues and problems that we at Barnett Repairs have seen over the years.

    These issues are nothing too big for us to handle.

    Commercial glass door repair is very delicate in comparison to other things like a home window repair.

    Although home repairs might be okay to do yourself, commercial repairs have to be done precisely and accurately.

    Here are some things you might want to look out for.

    Check your doors to see if it is unaligned.

    This can cause problems for customers especially if it stops them from getting in.

    Check your door to see if the alignment is off.

    This could cause the glass to touch its adjacent glass or even the frame.

    The worst thing about not fixing this problem is that sometimes, it can cause a very unpleasant sound.

    Is your handle loose?

    Loose handles can actually be a security risk for your business.

    Having loose handles puts you at risk of thieves breaking into your business.

    No commercial building wants to get a commercial door or commercial window repair after thieves have broken in.

    It is better to have your business fixed for small problems than large ones.

    Are the cover plates loose or are they not there at all?

    Cover plates are good security additions.

    The key to good commercial structure is the balance of security and aesthetics.

    Cover plates are not only good for additional security, they also add a safer feeling to the establishment.

    Could the door be closing too fast?

    If you find the door closing faster than it should, this could be a problem.

    The last thing you’d want is for your door to close so fast that it hits your customers legs.

    There have been accidents wherein a fast closing door hits the back of the consumers feet.

    This could be very bad for the business.

    Are your locks no longer working like they used to?

    This could be an extremely big problem.

    If you aren’t able to lock your doors properly, this leaves a huge hole in the security.

    It is important to check your locks every once in a while.

    This could be a very dangerous flaw.

    Even if the lock isn’t working as well as it should, this could already cause a huge problem.

    The door doesn’t open to its full capability.

    If you find your door not working to its full capacity, you might want to get it fixed.

    Some customers tend to be harsh on commercial doors.

    If your door causes some unwanted resistance, customers might pull or push too hard.

    This could cause further problems later on.

    If you find your doors not working like they should, it is better to have them checked right away.

    Unlike a home window repair, a commercial window repair in Riverside requires different levels of security.

    The same goes for door repair for homes and commercial establishments.

    Check if the door scratches the floor.

    If your commercial doors start damaging your floor, this could end up costing you double.

    Damaged tiles can cost you additional.

    Make sure to get your door fixed before they damage the floor even more.

    We at Barnett Repairs want to make sure our clients’ businesses are up and running perfectly.

    As a business ourselves, we are very meticulous about the little details that matter a lot.

    Defective doors can cost you customers.

    When it comes to commercial doors, we don’t suggest you do the repairs yourselves unless you have experience.

    Aside from functionality, commercial doors have to be perfect at every angle.

    Even the smallest details can affect the biggest businesses.

    Give us a call if ever you see or feel like something is off with your door.

    We can guarantee your door will be up and running perfectly in no time.

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