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    Broken glass is a dangerous business.

    If you’ve had an accident and your glass breaks, we have a guideline for you to follow.

    We made this guideline to ensure that you and your family remain safe.

    Broken glass can be very harmful especially around kids.

    We at Barnett Repairs have witnessed accidents caused by broken glass which then needed total window replacement.

    Sometimes, broken glass would only need a home window repair.

    It would be better if only a repair is required instead of replacing the whole door, window, or screen.

    Here are the first things you need to do incase of an emergency.

    Before calling for a broken glass door, window, and screen repair, make sure to follow these steps.

    The first is to make sure everyone stays away from the broken glass.

    Make sure that especially kids and pets stay away from the broken glass.

    The second step is to make sure everyone is wearing footwear.

    Socks aren’t enough.

    Make sure everyone around is wearing footwear.

    The next step is to get a broom and start sweeping around the area with the broken glass.

    Try sweeping the broken glass to one area.

    Although there might be shards, at least you would have gotten rid of the chunkier ones.

    Don’t use a vacuum cleaner right away to get rid of the glass shards.

    One thing we strongly advise against is using a vacuum cleaner before getting rid of the chunkier pieces of glass.

    Using a vacuum cleaner with large pieces of glass could damage the machine.

    If big glass gets inside, it can also be very harmful to get out.

    Save the vacuum cleaner for later.

    Once you’ve swept the broken glass to one area, put on some gloves and start taking out the big pieces.

    If you have a dustpan, use it, this will make the job much easier.

    If you don’t, you might have to use your hands to pick the pisces.

    If you have a cloth bag, it would be better to put the broken glass shards there.

    Don’t put your glass shards inside a thin plastic or paper bag.

    Start getting rid of the bigger shards of glass.

    Once you’ve gotten rid of the majority of glass shards, it’s time to bring the vacuum out.

    If the pieces are small enough for a vacuum cleaner, you can use your vacuum cleaner.

    When we say small, we mean pieces that you already have a hard time picking up with your hands.

    Once everything is clean, look around and try to check if there are any other shards lying around.

    Use the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean your surroundings.

    Now it’s time to call for a professional repair service.

    Broken glass door, window, and screen repair isn’t really something you should do alone.

    It is quite dangerous and although you might think the damage has been done, there could actually be more problems with your door, window, or screen lurking around.

    Try to assess the damage but don’t try to perform an easy life hack to fix your window, door, or screen right away.

    Sometimes, DIYs can cause more problems than they can solve.

    We encourage our clients to abstain from trying to fix the problem and give us a call.

    We at Barnett Repairs are a professional repair company.

    Not only do we do door and window replacement, we also take care of harsh repairs.

    Be it commercial window repair in Riverside or home window repair, we’re keen on solving the problem.

    When it comes to broken glass door, window, and screen repair, we don’t have a problem at all.

    Our company is already equipped with most of the glass replacements you might need and we are usually ready to take on any problem no matter how big it might seem.

    We understand that broken glass is usually an abrupt problem and usually happens at the worst of times.

    This is why we really make an effort to charge reasonable prices.

    Unlike other expensive emergency repair services, we still take into account that our clients have other priorities as well.

    Give us a call and tell us about your problem and let’s get your door, window, and screen fixed.

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